Review: Lost Kidz helps protect missing children

Join a growing network of parents helping each other maintain peace of mind.

The goal of Lost Kidz is to create a network of parents and individuals who will always be on the lookout if something happens to anyone else's child. Creating the sort of parental support that is crucial in today's world, Lost Kidz is as important as it is well constructed.

The app is easy to use. Turn it on and be sure to activate all of the notifications. When a child is lost in your area, the app will alert you with the information provided by that parent (or the police in the case of an AMBER Alert). This same notification is sent to every parent who uses this app, as well as any users of the Lost Petz tools (online or in app form). Adding your own children is optional, though highly recommended to increase the integrity of the system and ensure everyone is able to help one another. Registration is easy and intuitive and the app runs flawlessly in the background after setup.

If you are a parent or in a community with many children, Lost Kidz is an important app to have on your phone. As the network increases in size, it becomes a more useful tool and one that will help parents maintain peace of mind, knowing that if their children are missing, even for a few minutes, there will be dozens of other parents keeping an eye out for them.

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