Review: Add backgrounds, fillers, and special effects to photos with InstaEffect FX for iOS

Add backgrounds, fillers, and special effects to your photos with the tap of the screen.

InstaEffect FX Free is the lite, trial version of InstaEffect FX HD--an app designed so you can quickly and easily add special effects to the foreground and background of your images. The app is simple, straightforward, and in the trial version, relatively limited, but in many ways exceeds expectations, making it a good option for light image effect editing.

When you first open InstaEffect FX Free you'll notice that it's very similar to other free image editing apps. Load an image from your library or take a new one with your camera and you can start editing it immediately with the tools included in the free version of the app--about a dozen or so total filters that include space fillers and overlay effects. You can resize images with multitouch commands, add new effects, change the brightness on those effects, and save them or share them when done. The entire process is very intuitive and looks quite good; the filter quality is high enough to make the image results decent, even if the higher resolutions are locked in the trial version.

If you want an easy image editor or effect-filtering tool to augment your image collection, InstaEffect FX is a good place to start. If you're eager for something more feature rich, or with more filters and a more robust saving and sharing option, then you'll either want to upgrade InstaEffect FX to the full (paid) HD version or look at other apps.

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