Review: Gravidi for iPad takes videos and film to another data level

Watch (and interact with) music videos and film trailers with this unique app.

One of the most interesting aspects of the iPad is the increasing ability it gives users to interact with media that before would have just been consumed. From movies and games to trailers and music, you can share, comment on, and interact with multimedia content in new and exciting ways via hundreds of apps. GRAVIDI is designed to take this interaction to the next level by embedding additional clips, links, and information within music videos and movie trailers and connecting all of it to a social media interface.

When you first open GRAVIDI you'll need to register an account or log in with Facebook. You can later attach your Twitter account, as well, and truly the best way to get the most out of GRAVIDI is with social media engaged so you can share with others and see what they are pointing out about the same content. The home screen shows recent trailers and videos, and each of them is embedded with reviews, bios, track lists, or other information that is relevant to the trailer. Small buttons will pop up in non-intrusive ways to announce when these are available, and you can tap them or slide them away to keep watching. It's a smart, easy-to-use system and it allows you to engage with the content in ways that before were not possible. While the volume of videos is limited to date, the design and features of the app are only growing and providing a unique experience that many people are flocking to.

If you are interested in new and exciting ways to engage with content on your iPad, consider the tools provided in GRAVIDI as a stepping-stone to a new form of interaction on your iPad. While the total number of videos is still limited and in-app social tools are still being developed, the concept and execution are more than enough to warrant a download.

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