Review: Cut and paste faces into different bodies and poses with Face In Hole for iOS

Cut and paste faces into a variety of different bodies and poses.

Whether it was an amusement park or a stand on the boardwalk, you probably remember those cardboard cutouts that you could put your face into to take on the body of someone else. They are often funny or ridiculous and they work well in any setting. So why not create an app that does the same thing with the photos on your phone or iPad? That's the thinking behind Face in Hole HD, and while it works as advertised there are some limitations.

The idea of Face in Hole HD is elementary, and creating the subsequent photos is as easy as you'd expect. Choose a body, import or take a new photo, and drag that photo behind the app photo to place your face where that image's would have been. There are five categories including some movie stars, children, men and women, and muscle builders. You can easily drop a photo into the background of each image, but the number of images is very limited with only five per category. Saving and messaging are both easy, but sharing is more complicated without the inclusion of e-mail or social media buttons. The interface is also very rudimentary but with limited functions, it doesn't provide the range of operation you'd hope for.

If you are eager to play with the photo of a loved one in jest or just good fun, then this is a good app that you and your friends/family will likely enjoy for some time. But as far as a feature-laden app, it is fairly limited, even after the paid upgrade.

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