Review: Create a multitouch, friendly task list using coTODO

Create a multitouch, friendly task list without the bells and whistles.

A good task list is a must for your iPhone. The portable device is a perfect tool for carrying a calendar and task list with you wherever you go, but those lists need to be well constructed, easy to access, cloud friendly, and quick and easy to access and edit. That's why coTODO is both a very good app and a frustratingly incomplete app in need of some additional work.

When you open coTODO you are presented with a tutorial that walks you through basic editing of a handful of different things you can do, from adding tasks to turning on additional features and setting the time. The interface is clean, easy to use, and attractive. Swiping reveals tasks or changes days, and the screen space is used very well. Default task entry is elementary but can be expanded when more detail is needed. All in all, this is a very good app. The problem is that it is also a little buggy and the features are often hidden out of site. More than once a menu got stuck and required us to restart the app. Other times the tasks were not properly saved to the system and in other cases the wrong menu entirely would appear.

While coTODO does task management right in concept, the execution is still lacking. It is a free app, however, meaning you can test it out and provide feedback to its developers for future versions, and the actual presentation is as spot on as you can get--a potential must-download for the future.

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