Review: CalRemind 2 for iPad puts all your events and reminders in one interface

See all of your reminders and calendar tasks in one interface.

One of the most used tools on the iPad is the calendar. Combining all of your calendars from your iOS account as well as any others you have connected to it, including Facebook, this tool is an important part of many workdays. But with the reminders set to a different screen and the interface between them not always immediately accessible, it's difficult to see all tasks at once. That's where CalRemind 2 for iPad comes in.

CalRemind 2 opens with a very basic interface--a blank calendar--and easily populates with your Apple Calendar and Reminder entries. With the tap of a button, your calendar will fill with every task, event, reminder, and Facebook event you have scheduled for the month (and beyond). It's quick and easy to get going, with almost no options to fill out, and the interface is familiar because it uses standard calendar functions. While it is fairly basic and doesn't go much further than combining your tasks and reminders, it does allow you to add new items that are then transferred to your cloud calendars, as well. The app is free, however, so you'll have to put up with some ads.

This free app is robust enough to warrant a download for anyone with extensive reminders/calendar lists that they need to see in a single interface. Otherwise, however, it is a fairly basic calendar with ad integration that can be distracting at times. So if you don't need the ability to combine all your important events and reminders, stick with Apple's built-in tools.

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