Review: Create sounds on the go with Beat Pad for iPhone

Tap out a beat of your own design with Beat Pad.

Combine a touch screen and a basic music app and you can do some pretty incredible things. That is the thinking behind Beat Pad, a free app for the iPhone that features 12 evenly-spaced pads that produce a variety of different beats. The goal of the app is simple enough--provide an easy-to-use beat pad that you can take on the go with you anywhere. While the limitations of the app are certainly an issue, the fun of the interface is enough to make it a good download for any beat boxing or DJ hopeful.

The app is as rudimentary as it gets. Open it and you'll be presented with 12 squares that make different sounds. The response time is rapid and the sounds are all unique enough to make it possible for you to create a range of different sounds. That's where the features of Beat Pad end, though. There are no other menus, no share options, and no recording options. It's basically an instrument in an app and while it works quite well, the lack of additional tools makes it a very limiting one.

So who is this app right for? If you enjoy instrumental apps, or any tool that allows you to create sounds on the go--whether you're freestyling a bit or just having fun with friends--this is a good app. If you are planning on recording your efforts, then you'll almost certainly want a more robust, feature-rich alternative, of which there are quite a few on the App Store.

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