Review: Take notes with full-featured management options using Arrow note for iPhone and iPad

Create notes with numerous powerful composition tools at your fingertips.

The default keyboard on the iPhone or iPad leaves much to be desired. Without arrow keys; symbols one, two, and even sometimes three menus deep, and complicated multitouch commands to access copy-and-paste menus, it is not ideal if you plan on doing a lot of composition on the touch screen. There are many solutions, but Arrow Note offers one of the better compilations of keyboard modifications for writing on your phone or tablet.

When you open Arrow Note for the first time you'll be presented with a blank screen and a handful of options. You can search for notes, create new ones, e-mail old notes, view your notes, or share through Twitter. All of these options work well, but they are cluttered at the bottom of the screen, presenting too many options when first starting. For simple note-taking, though, tap the new page button and everything else melts away. The keyboard appears with a number of new options, including a full number bar, multiple arrow options for onscreen navigation, and a copy-paste, and undo/redo menu. Basically, every function you could want from a full word processor is now on screen and manages to not take up too much space.

While the home interface for Arrow Note is cluttered and hard to navigate, the composition menu and other features are well thought out, rich in content, and elementary enough to offset any other issues you might have. This is a very good alternative to costly tools like Pages and it is fast enough for most iOS machines--a highly recommended download for those who write a lot on their iOS devices.

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