Review: Generate secure passwords with specific criteria using Amuck Password Generator

Generate secure passwords that match specific criteria with this elementary app.

More than ever before it is critical that the passwords you use online are secure. With more advanced and sophisticated technologies trying to access accounts ranging from Facebook to bank accounts, a secure password is the best line of defense you can put up. That's why apps like Amuck Password Generator are so useful; they provide a rudimentary and yet very effective tool for creating customized, highly-secure passwords for your online accounts.

Amuck Password Generator is a very basic app. It has a single screen with a handful of options that allow you to customize how your password will be generated. You can select whether to include lower or uppercase letters, numbers, and punctuation, as well as how long you want the password to be. Then simply tap the Generate Password button and it will be created. There is an email password button to send it to yourself or someone else, and no limit to the number you can create. At the same time, you need to keep track of these passwords because it does not store them once you tap the "generate" button.

Amuck Password Generator is a very rudimentary app, providing a useful service for developers or anyone that needs extensive security for their online accounts. It lacks many advanced features of other password generators and storage tools, but it is easy to use and provides instant access to a generator wherever you go. If you need a basic tool you can keep on you, this is a good one to download.

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