Photoplay App 1.0 Review

Interact with your photos via social media and the Photoplay community, with this new iPhone app.

Due to the success of companies like Instagram, the iPhone is overrun each week with a dozen copycats that offer roughly the same experience with a few small tweaks. So at first glance, it's easy to ignore Photoplay App as another attempt to capitalize on the success of other, better-established apps. But despite the many similarities, Photoplay is still an engaging, unique-enough experience. If you're looking for a tool that doesn't integrate directly with Facebook, this may be it.

The concepts are simple. After registering your account, connect it to any social networks you want to share on and start uploading, snapping, or sharing photos. You can share directly from your camera, upload from your photo library, or download from the Web and share. Your photos will appear in a single stream when you turn on the app each day, and you can follow other users to populate your news feed and see their most recent uploads. The Top Liked, Map, and Search functions all work quite well to find new photos, but the user base for this app is still fairly small and growing. That might be enough to keep many users from diving in, but if you have friends using this app or if you are eager to explore a new photo-sharing experience, this may well be of interest.

Photoplay App's biggest drawback is its lack of users and an interface that is still in its earliest iterations. Despite all this, it is a well-rounded, functional app that works quite well for what it is designed for. Its comparisons to other, better-established apps in this field are inevitable, but it certainly has enough features to set it apart and warrant a download.

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