My Scans 1.11 Review

Manage documents on the go with this robust document scanning app.

However digital our world becomes, documents are still a very real necessity. So tools like My Scans are welcome to digitize, share and easily carry documents with you, no matter where you are. Designed for both iPhone and iPad, My Scans is an intuitive, easy-to-use scanning tool that makes full use of the iOS camera to scan, store, and edit documents on the go.

My Scans is designed to be easy to use. You know this because the moment you open the app, you are presented with a straightforward tutorial that shows you everything you'll need to use it properly. After watching the tutorial (it takes only a minute), tap the "+" button to add your first document. You can take a photo, convert a photo into a document, or simply import a PDF from an existing folder on your device. You can also create folders to store all of your documents from this menu. The import tool allows you to import multiple images at once, combine them into a single document or folder, and edit the image to highlight the text and crop with a few simple swipes. Editing can be done with a robust menu of options, and saving and sharing is as easy as a quick tap.

By far, My Scans is one of the better scanning applications at its price point on the App Store. Offering comprehensive options for scanning, editing, and storing images, it provides the tools needed to ensure your finished documents look good and are easily accessible from your device. Whether you work in an office environment and need to scan documents on the go or simply want to stop worrying about all those paper bills you receive every month, My Scans is a good app.

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