Minecraft Pocket Edition Lite 0.2.1 Review

Experience the Minecraft phenomenon with this free, introductory app.

Minecraft is one of the most successful, independently-published games of all time, selling millions of copies on the PC, Mac, Xbox and now iOS platforms. That means it has been tweaked, customized, and tested to the point of pixelated perfection. So how does the free trial edition of the mega-bestseller perform for your iPhone or iPad? Not surprisingly, it is a very stable, very well constructed app, though it's a little restrictive past the first play through.

The interface is classic Minecraft. Everything you know and love from console and desktop versions of the game is fully intact. You can gather resources, build, explore dungeons, and lock yourself up tight every night to avoid all things that go bump. It's a game in which you really are the designer. If you'd prefer to build a castle that reaches to the sky, you can. If you are a dungeon-crawling resource gatherer, you can play to hoard rather than build. The interface is just customizable enough and the game just accessible enough to make it a perfect combination of depth and ease of use. Features have never been lacking in Minecraft and everything is available in the free version, save a few important details.

Those important details will only become an issue if you are having fun and want to save your sessions, interact online, or unlock the more advanced materials--all things you'll gladly invest in if you spend enough time playing, for their presence to make a difference. Overall, Minecraft Pocket Edition Lite is a faithful, entertaining rendition of the popular world exploration and game-building software that has become a global phenomenon. If you are interested in taking your Minecraft experience on the go, or if you have been eager to try it out for some time, this is well worth a download.

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