Review: List Master Lite for iPad lets you create, manage, and share lists

Generate, expand, manage, and share lists with this robust iPad app.

The iPad is a perfect device for creating, tracking, and managing your lists. It's mobile, it's constantly connected for mobile syncing, and the interface is intuitive enough to make entry and editing a snap. So the List Master Lite app has a lot going for it; it's a free app that provides many of the same tools as the expensive productivity tools on the App Store. But does it do enough to provide a realistic alternative to those pricey apps?

When you first open List Master Lite, a handful of pop-ups will warn you about the trial restrictions (only 30 items while in free mode), the Cloud backup system, and the functionality of the app. Read them carefully because the interface is not designed to be immediately intuitive. A big screen with an empty folder and no clear tools for entering your items is frustrating at first. However, as you grow used to the interface--most of the items of note are on the bottom menu--you can start creating numerous lists, quickly. There are quite a few options for every menu tool, as well, including color setting, labels, check box marking, font changes, and more. It's clearly a very flexible app in terms of how it looks and operates. With the tap of a button you can go to any one list and the sync tool works quite well between devices. The online instructional tools are very much welcome, as well, and the fact that it's available for both iPhone and iPad is a major plus.

If you want a list-building tool that isn't necessarily crafted for C-level executives (and doesn't have the price to match), List Master Lite is a good place to start. It is quick and easy to use, works seamlessly between iPhone and iPad versions, and syncs easily. This is a great tool that will work perfectly for most household chores and tasks you might have.

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