Review: iOS photo app Heart Booth HD has questionable utility

Skip this confusing photo editing app.

Heart Booth HD - Free is an odd photo editing app that lets you edit your photos to create a shape, such as a heart, check mark, or X. Confused? Well, so were we after putting this app to the test. Vague directions and features left us scratching our heads.

Heart Booth HD - Free opens with a grid containing a heart. Buttons line the left and right sides of the screen, and a row of menu options line the bottom, as well. A banner ad sits at the top. Just looking at the buttons, we had no idea where to even begin. We visited the Help menu, which attempted to explain each button's function, but we still had no idea how to apply each button to get the final promised result. We tapped the Photo button to add a picture from our Camera Roll. Our selected picture appeared in the far left corner of the grid. From there, it wasn't clear where to go or what to do next. Were we supposed to keep adding photos? And how were we supposed to edit the photos to create the heart shape? The Help menu didn't explain any of that and exploring each of the app's features didn't give us a clue. All but the most dedicated users will give up on this app well before they get any results.

Heart Booth HD - Free was not intuitive at all. Spare yourself the frustration and skip over this confusing app in favor of one that offers more clearly-defined features.

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