Review: Free options of Colors Pro Free for iOS are lacking

Don't expect to load your own images unless you pay.

Colors Pro Free promises all kinds of features to take your photos up a few notches. The problem? You can't use any of your own photos unless you want to pay to upgrade. So the "free" part comes at a price.

Colors Pro Free opens with a black-and-white stock photo of a hot air balloon. A pop-up appeared letting us know that if we wanted to load custom images to edit, we would have to pay to upgrade. So we were stuck with the balloon. The app doesn't feature much in terms of editing tools. It includes zoom buttons, a drag tool to move the picture around, and a color tool. Don't expect any color choices, either. You're stuck with either the picture's original colors or black and white. An undo button reverses your changes.

That's all there is to Colors Pro Free. We'll just cut right to the chase and tell you to skip this app. There are plenty of free photo editors out there that give you more editing features.

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