Review: Color Effects for iPhone adds pops of color to photos but fails to make a bang

Don't expect tons of photo editing options with Color Effects.

There are a ton of photo-editing apps out there, so it's hard to stand out among the crowd. Color Effects lets you add pops of color to your photos. While the app works as promised, the final results don't really knock our socks off.

Right away Color Effects greets you with ads. The app gives you the option of removing the ads, but you'll have to pay. From there, you're taken to a very plain menu with photo selection options: Photo from my Photo Library, Image Taken with Camera, and Photo from Facebook. We chose a picture from our library and gave the app permission to access our photos. A pop-up appeared, offering us directions for cropping our picture: Use one finger to move the picture and two fingers to zoom. Buttons at the bottom of the screen let you Reorient the picture, Reset, and/or Rotate Right. Color Effects offers users two coloring options: Gray and Recolor. Using the Recolor menu, we were able to add different colors by swiping our finger over the picture. From the same color menu, slider bars let you adjust the brush size and the intensity/opacity of the color. But don't expect precision. We added touches of color to our picture and saved it. From there, we had the options of posting it on Facebook or Twitter, to send via e-mail, or send as a postcard.

After all was said and done, Color Effects worked, but we weren't blown away with its features. If you just need a quick pop of color, the app works okay, but if you're looking for a more feature-rich photo editor, we recommend you look elsewhere.

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