Review: TuxPaint for Mac is a bit too rudimentary, even for kids

Cultivate your child's creativity by letting them draw, using Tux Paint for Mac.

Finding applications that are appropriate for young children can be a challenge. Tux Paint for Mac may entertain young children who like to draw, but ultimately functions no differently than any rudimentary drawing application.

The program's download completed quickly, but installation required a separate installation of a font package, which extended the overall time. User instructions and other program documentation were available, which was a nice feature. Technical support for updates from the developer appeared to be present, too. The program's interface is elementary and a bit dated, but even children would find it easy to navigate. A row of buttons along the side allows the user to draw shapes, create lines, erase, and print drawings. On the right, different shapes are also available for use. Users can select basic colors along the bottom row, but additional color selections are not available. A cartoon penguin at the bottom of the screen explains the selected option in a simple written dialog box. Unfortunately, very young children would likely find Tux Paint for Mac entertaining for only a short time, and the written explanations would likely be too advanced for them to read.

While functional, Tux Paint for Mac is little more than a rudimentary drawing application with a child-friendly explanation box, meaning users should look elsewhere for a more advanced creative entertainment for their kids.

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