Review: Modify default settings for Quicktime using Quicktime X Preferences for Mac

Modify the default settings of your movie player using Quicktime X Preferences for Mac.

Users may want to change preferences in their Quicktime player without having to do it every time the program opens. Quicktime X Preferences for Mac's options window allows changes to a number of default settings, which is a welcome feature for some users.

After startup, this freeware application installs easily as an additional preference pane in the system preferences menu. There did not appear to be any technical support available, but there was a basic readme file that explained the various options present and how changing each impacted the Quicktime program. Some of the options include automatically playing movies, changing the viewing area's corners, and closed captioning displays, among others. The changed options easily update into the Quicktime player, itself, and continue to stay in place. Outside of the options, there are no additional features available.

Quicktime X Preferences for Mac functions well, and it's offered at no cost.

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