Review: Tweak images using Photo Zoe Editor for Mac

Apply changes to images using Photo Zoe Editor for Mac.

Photo editing programs can be geared towards the digital editing expert or the novice. Despite a lack of user guidance, the free Photo Zoe Editor for Mac is definitely aimed at the less experienced user. It performs all of the basic editing functions well and is fairly easy to use for any Mac owner.

Installation of Photo Zoe Editor completed quickly. The program started for the first time without any problematic setup steps. No user instructions were present, but the interface was very easy to use for anyone familiar with other photo editing programs. Technical support did not appear to be available. The main menu was well designed and had easy-to-read options for bringing existing photos into the program. Users can also easily view their entire gallery and download additional photos for editing. Once selected, a large copy of the photo appears in a simple menu for altering. Large buttons contain additional options by category, which include changing color schemes, brightness, and a number of other options. Users can also draw on the photo and add things like arrows and text boxes. During testing the changes selected rendered quickly for previewing without any delays.

Photo Zoe Editor for Mac performs well and contains all of the options users would expect from this type of program. It is suitable for Mac users looking for a simple, free, and easy-to-use photo editor.

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