Review: Simplify the browsing experience with Minimalist Browser for Mac

Surf the Web using the low-key Minimalist Browser for Mac.

Some users may find modern Web browsers too complicated for basic Internet use. Minimalist Browser for Mac accomplishes its goal of presenting a less complicated browsing experience, but ultimately appears incomplete.

There were no unnecessary steps required to download and install Minimalist Browser for Mac. After installation, there did not appear to be any technical support for updates, but the first page in the browser was a rudimentary instruction page. The program, itself, is just a Web page window with no control or URL bar. Navigation is limited to a key combination that brings up a Google search and a right click that allows movement back and forward to different pages. This interface is poor and gives the user no real control over the Web browsing experience. The lack of a way to enter a direct URL is especially noticeable and diminishes the program's usability. Minimalist Browser for Mac feels more like a programming experiment than a useful browser. On the plus side, the browser does operate smoothly and brings up Web pages without any display errors.

While functional, Minimalist Browser for Mac may have oversimplified the approach too much. We're all for simplicity, but not at the cost of key features.

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