Review: Skip the trashbin using Delete without Trash for Mac

Add an automatic delete function to remove items instantly using Delete without Trash for Mac.

With a name that completely and accurately describes its sole function, Delete without Trash for Mac allows users to bypass the trashing step, but adds another that seems to defeat its time-saving purpose.

Delete without Trash for Mac downloads quickly. The installation folder also contains a readme file with instructions. The program, itself, is easy to use. There is no interface, but it makes changes to the computer so that the user has additional options when right clicking files. This includes a "Delete as Administrator" function, which directly removes the file after the entry of the administrator password. As claimed, the files are directly deleted, bypassing the trash can; although having to enter the administrator password means you're still taking the same number of steps to delete files. The program did not appear to have technical support or updates available, but it did include an uninstaller, which is a welcome feature.

While functional as a quick and easy delete application, Delete without Trash for Mac simply swaps one action for another. If you type fast, this may make the process slightly faster, but we just weren't sold.

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