Review: Count the days down to any event with Countdown for Mac

Track the countdown to holidays or other important events using Countdown for Mac.

When important dates are around the corner, some users need a way to track their approach. Countdown X for Mac performs this function well, but has few other features.

Download completed quickly and the program directly installed as a widget in the dashboard. The only user interaction required is to add the program to the active dashboard for viewing, which was easy. The application, itself, is just a small widget window where the name of the upcoming event is visible, along with a countdown timer with the days, hours, minutes, and seconds remaining until it takes place. Countdown X for Mac lacks instructions, but really does not need any since it is so easy to use. A small information icon allows the user to move into the settings area. Here, the user can type in the name of the upcoming event, and when it begins. Additional options allow modification of the widget's color and notification options. Users can also check for updates from the information panel. The program has no additional features and can only track one event at a time, which is a disappointment.

While basically functional for tracking a single event, Countdown X for Mac lacks any additional useful features, making it too rudimentary for most users.

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