Review: Paint your Mac desktop black with Blank Screen Saver

Protect your screen from becoming damaged with Blank Screen Saver for Mac.

Having a really cool screensaver can be fun, but if you can't make up your mind, or just want a total change, you can try a screen with absolutely nothing on it. Blank Screen Saver for Mac comes with no surprises. It is a basic, easy-to- install screensaver intended to increase the life of your computer screen.

At only around 42KB, Blank Screen Saver for Mac downloads in the blink of an eye and is just as easy to install. It is basically just a bare bones screensaver that displays a black screen. All the user has to do to ensure optimal performance is to review the energy-saving options within their administrative preferences menu. And that is it; screensaver is now enabled. The user can also set transparency if they wish to just simply dim their screen. This screensaver is available as a freeware application.

Blank Screen Saver for Mac works as intended. It is ideal for users who prefer a no-frills screensaver that offers no distractions and just gets the job done.

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