Review: Track word count in single or multiple files with Word Counter for Mac

Track word count in single or multiple files with Word Counter for Mac.

Those users tracking the size of large numbers of word processing files may find counting software included in office suites inadequate. Word Counter for Mac works well and has some useful features for working with hundreds of files, but average users will likely find it of little use.

Word Counter for Mac downloads and installs quickly. After startup, the program had no user instruction, although the menu labels explained the functions well enough. No technical support is available, although the program performed well overall with no bugs. The menu is small and easy to use, allowing the user to cut and paste text into a main window for counting. Entire folders can also be dragged into the window. This brings up a separate, smaller menu that shows the word and character counts for each file in the folder. In addition to counting features, the application also links to a text editor, which is a nice, albeit less useful function. The word counts did appear to be accurate during testing. However, the lack of any additional features, such as task timing or grouping, makes the application less useful to average users.

While functional, Word Counter for Mac will likely only appeal to those users who need to count the words in hundreds of written documents, quickly.

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