Review: Lock your window sizes and locations with Window Magician for Mac

Set your applications to display in certain window sizes with Window Magician for Mac.

Those working with multiple programs simultaneously may become frustrated if those windows change location and size each time they are used. Window Magician for Mac enables windows to be locked, but its lack of instructions and complicated steps make it hard to operate.

The free trial version of the program works for 15 days and purchasing a full license requires a $19.95 payment. While the download completed quickly, the program required us to activate certain assisting features in the control panel before startup. There are no user instructions or technical support available. The program's menus are easy to navigate, but actually setting window size is complicated. Users must set window sizes and location by pixel length and width, as well as screen location. A situation or rule must then be attached to the window. This requires some trial and error to get it right, although it does function once set up properly. A program log also shows where the rules are applied for easier editing in the future. It would have been helpful if Window Magician for Mac allowed users to move windows to certain spaces and sizes and set them with a button click, but this did not appear to be available from the menus.

Window Magician for Mac's complex setup makes it useful only for those users who are regularly frustrated at having to work with multiple windows.

Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of Window Magician for Mac 1.0.9.

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