Review: Save Earth from aliens in the dungeon-crawler Mystery Island II for Mac.

Play through the story of a marine who has to save Earth from aliens in Mystery Island II for Mac.

Are you a fan of the old-school dungeon crawlers? Then explore the story and secrets of Mystery Island II for Mac. While the game doesn't have too much to offer aesthetically, the gameplay could be appealing to puzzle and adventure game seekers.

Download and installation of Mystery Island II for Mac run easily. Once the game is launched for the first time, a message will appear giving the user instructions on how to play. This game uses a basic control scheme that is reminiscent of the dungeon crawlers of the 1990s. You simply use your left and right keys to control the direction you move and your mouse to click on areas of interest. The game is very light on resources and is perfect for users who like to play games on-the-go. The graphics and sounds are very basic and rather disappointing, making it quite evident that most of the development time was put into the gameplay.

Mystery Island II for Mac seems suitable for dungeon crawler game fans looking to pass some time. It is a very basic and easy to play game. If you don't mind its poor graphics, then you might enjoy it.

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