Review: Expand your desktop onto other mobile devices using iDisplay Desktop for Mac

Expand your desktop onto other mobile devices using iDisplay Desktop for Mac.

Whether you want to increase your screen space, enable a secondary display, or just mirror your desktop to other mobile devices, this app can help you out. With the ability to support up to 36 devices connected to your computer, the iDisplay Desktop for Mac promises and delivers an extremely powerful desktop enhancement. However, the app is quite difficult to set up and requires a high level of computer literacy.

The installation of this application appeared to be easy. The app even comes with its own uninstaller so you can remove it effortlessly if you no longer need it. During our testing, iDisplay Desktop for Mac required a reboot and it reset our display settings, which was very annoying. Unless everything is set up beforehand, some settings may also require resets to properly complete the configuration, which makes using this app less enjoyable. Significant time was spent configuring the settings and making sure the connections were right. However, once everything has been set up correctly, iDisplay Desktop performed well and delivered exactly what it claimed.

The high entry to begin using this app may frustrate and deter some users. Once you get it working, however, iDisplay Desktop for Mac offers a useful and interesting display feature for your computer and iOS devices.

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