Zombiewood 1.0.3 Review

Clear the L.A. streets of zombies while filming the next big undead flick.

There are a lot of zombie games in the App Store these days. With the success of certain TV shows and movies, it seems as if every major release has a zombie mode, and certain games are built with zombies in mind. Zombiewood is one such game, providing a unique, engaging, and often quite funny take on the classic zombie video game formula in a package that is perfect for the iPad.

Zombiewood pits you, a stuntman eager to prove his mettle, against a city filled with zombies. Each "scene" is a mission that has you kill zombies, collect trophies, destroy props, and remain alive. The game is incredibly deep, with dozens of scenes to play, minimal paid upgrades, and coins to collect that unlock later content. The interface uses the dual joysticks that many big budget iOS games use, which is good in that it works well, but bad in that it's not a native touch interface. This is a small quibble for a game that so well integrates a good sense of humor, speedy, addictive gameplay, and plenty of variety.

Zombiewood is a free game from Gameloft, so you can imagine there are some "freemium" upgrades along the way. The truly addicted will want to buy the newest weapons and power-ups and those cost cash that is hard to come by in-game; however, these are by no means necessary to enjoy the game, so we don't count it as a detriment. In fact, in terms of depth, content availability, and stability, this is a grade A free game, significantly better than many others that lure you in only to require microtransaction after microtransaction. A must-download for any zombie game fans.

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