Toddlers Flashcards 1.2 Review

Quiz your toddler with iPad-oriented flashcards.

Toddlers Flashcards is exactly as it sounds, a collection of flashcards you can download for your iPad that will help your child learn things like colors, letters, numbers, and more. The app is very easy to use, but for its target audience -- children between 12 months and 3 years -- it works quite well. While there are some issues with the volume of content available in the free version and the interface is very bare bones, it is a decent download for parents eager to help their child learn basic concepts.

Upon starting, you'll choose the language in which you want to learn. This is a nice feature and there are quite a few language options available. For each language, there are three sets: the numbers, colors, and letters sets. You must download each set you want to use (none are pre-installed) but they load quickly and are decent in execution. Each flashcard features a handful of items to illustrate that concept and a woman's voice reading the item aloud. A quick swipe changes the page, making it very similar to many toddler-oriented learning books. Without a general navigation structure, however, you may find yourself swiping wildly to find a slide that your child wants to see again.

Beyond the issue of navigation, Toddlers Flashcards has limited content. In fact, you'll burn through the free flashcards in just a short time and then be asked to pay $0.99 for each additional pack (of which there are 14). This can become a very expensive app quickly (and each language pack costs another $0.99). While Toddlers Flashcards is a good idea and the interface is very child-friendly, the pricing structure, trial restrictions, and navigation are all detriments that make it hard to recommend this for most parents looking for a low-cost learning tool for their children.

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