Texas Hold 'em Poker 100k by A.S.H. HD 4.4.1 Review

Test your poker skills against players from around the globe in this well-rounded online poker app.

Texas hold 'em may not enjoy the popularity that it did only a few years ago, but it is still the most popular card game in America, with hundreds of tournaments, Web sites, and apps devoted to it. There are quite a few apps that attempt to bring that experience to the app store. Texas Hold'em Poker 100K by ASH is one of the most popular and for good reason: it manages to bring the feeling of a high-stakes game of poker to the iPad in a way that few other games have managed to do.

If you've played casino games on the iPad, this app should be familiar. You start with a certain volume of chips, and can gain new ones every day by sharing on Facebook or participating in other activities. You can then bet those chips in an open room as if they were real money. If you run out of chips and want more, you can pay for them with real money, and if you want access to the VIP rooms, you must pay for that with money, as well. All players are real players and leaderboards track your performance, adding up your winnings as you progress. With timers for betting, raise and call mechanics that make bluffing a reality in a digital space, and an interactive messaging system, it's one of the better featured poker apps in the App Store.

With 100% optional microtransactions, open rooms for international play, a robust player base to ensure you can always find a game, and two game options, Texas Hold'em Poker 100K by ASH is one of the best poker apps in the App Store. There are competitors, but if you want an iOS app to help you learn the ropes of poker or sharpen your skills for a tournament, this is a great way to do it.

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