Talking Pictures 1.2 Review

Create pictures with interactive cues and share with friends or colleagues.

The iPhone is a perfect device for integrating audio and images into a single interface. While this usually means creating videos, it doesn't have to. There are dozens of ways to use the technology in new and creative ways. Case in point: Talking Pictures. This app allows you to tag a photo with different audio tracks that can be activated by other users with the same app -- a potentially innovative way to share information.

When you open the app, you can choose to view your gallery (which will be empty) or create a new talking picture. Choose the latter and you can either take a new photo or choose one from your photo library. Once you choose a photo, draw shapes on the photo to outline items or people and then double tap the areas that you create. For each area, you can record an audio note. When someone opens that talking picture, they can tap the same area and the audio track will play. The uses, such as sending personal messages to family members, sharing business strategies, or simply having fun with friends, are numerous.

The free app is really just a demo of the technology as it only allows you to create three talking pictures before a paid upgrade is required, which will cost you $0.99. If you do choose to upgrade, however, you can record in high- quality, create as many talking pictures as you desire, and share via Twitter or Facebook. While users will need the app to view your talking photos, there is no limit to the number you can view and listen to with the free version. This is a unique tool with a smart interface. The limited feature set can prove a steep barrier to entry for some, but many people will find a clever way to use this tool in their lives.

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