Surround Video 1.0 Review

Experience surround video technology with this demo.

Surround Video is not an app in the sense that you can actually do anything with it. There are no buttons to create your own videos and no way to edit or add content to the existing videos. The content that is provided is almost entirely technical demos of what Surround Video can do, but it is still an interesting experience. As more of these videos are added it will be interesting to see what filmmakers choose to do with Surround Video.

When you open this app, you will find four technical demos of what Surround Video does. The technology is a 360-degree video camera, effectively allowing filmmakers and advertisers to record everything around the camera. The app allows you to drag your finger around the screen and move the camera to see anything in its scope. It's actually very impressive and a lot of fun to operate. We couldn't help but imagine doing this for a sporting event or travel video. However, this app is more of a straight demonstration and sales tool for the Surround Video tools being sold by the technology's developers.

So beyond actually testing the interface on an iPad and experiencing the 360-degree video technology, this app doesn't allow you to do very much. It's interesting to experience and fun to see what the future might hold for recording, and the videos, themselves, are of high quality; but beyond that, there isn't much here to do.

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