Sketch-a-Song 1.0 Review

Drag and drop instruments to create your own song.

The iPad has made it possible to create some very impressive pieces of music. It's hard to imagine something as complex and deeply intellectual as composition happening on a device used more often to play bird-tossing games, but there are some truly impressive compositions and even more impressive apps to create those works. One such app is Sketch-a-Song, providing a sleek, drag-and-drop interface to create songs with the tap of a button.

Sketch-a-Song starts by requiring you to register an account. You can choose to connect to Facebook, but Facebook integration is deep and the settings are not immediately apparent. In fact, the interface as a whole is not clearly labeled, and without a tutorial to get you started, you will spend some time poking around, tapping buttons to see what they do. This is OK when the end result is a fun song, but if you're trying to find a specific menu, it can be frustrating. The actual functionality is quite impressive, though. Drag and drop instruments onto the screen and they will loop into the song. It's easy, the end result is a lot of fun, and it sounds great. You can then save those songs, share them, and even send them to friends on Facebook.

While Sketch-a-Song is free, there are quite a few features that remain locked until you pay for them. Certain instruments, loops, song options, and features are all locked until you either earn more cash (by sharing on social networks) or spend money to receive more virtual currency to use within the game. Without clear reference to what is free and what will cost money, it can be confusing. The app as a whole, however, runs quite smoothly and the songs you create are fun to listen to. It's a great app for music-loving iPad owners.

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