Pop Letters Word Game for Kids 2.3 Review

Help your child learn letters with this engaging, if limited learning game.

Learning is a lot more fun with the range of apps now available for the iPad. Using what they know of learning habits and the natural desire of almost every child to play with an iPad or iPhone, developers are creating ever more interesting and engaging educational apps. Pop Letters is an interesting take on the act of learning letters that many young children will find entertaining, even if it is ultimately lacking in features.

The idea behind Pop Letters is for children to quickly tap the onscreen letters, right after the game announces them. At any given time, there will be between two and five letters onscreen, moving quickly about. The game will announce one of them and the child must tap that letter fast to pop it and remove it from the screen. Tap the wrong letter and the game will correct you. High scores can be tabulated or the child can simply play to learn, tapping letters endlessly. It's intuitive and well designed, but there are few other features included, meaning that older children or those with short attention spans will quickly grow bored.

The goal of the app is to engage children and get them to actively want to learn the letters so that they can tap them faster. It succeeds in this quite well. With no hidden microtransactions and a clean, easy-to-use interface, this game is perfect, even for very young children. It won't last long due to its limited feature set, but that alone is not enough to discourage its use. It's well worth checking out for parents of toddlers and young children.

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