Photo Icons (HD) 1.2 Review

Create your own icons with this easy-to-use editing app.

Photo Icons HD is designed to provide the tools you need to create icons for your iPhone or iPad. The HD version of the app upscales the interface so you can see the full-sized version of the icon, add new backgrounds, borders, and images, and tweak it until it's ready for sharing. While not perfect, the app provides the basic tools you'll need to create rudimentary icons and buttons.

The interface for Photo Icons HD is very easy to use. Onscreen is a list of 11 options, each with a simple button. Tap each to bring up a new menu on the sidebar where there is a limited number of choices. For each option (backgrounds, borders, icons, clip art), there are between three and five categories for free, with the rest unlocked through a paid upgrade. You can also import your own photos or old icons to edit. This all works quite well, as each item immediately appears and can be moved or edited as necessary. The sharing function allows you to send to Facebook or via e-mail and you can save anything to your photo library.

Photo Icons HD is an effective app, but the final icons you create are very simple and lack the polish and definition of modern graphics. The interface is cluttered, there are numerous spelling errors throughout the app, and the limitations on access make it hard to create many advanced icons without paying for an upgrade. If you need a few simple icons for a Web site or app you are developing, Photo Icons HD can work, but if you are looking for a powerful tool to create new icons, this is not it.

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