Photo Icons 1.2 Review

Create your own basic icons with this iPhone app.

The purpose of Photo Icons is to provide you with enough tools to make any number of possible icon combinations. However, while the app is mostly effective, there are some glaring omissions, a limiting trial restriction, and a poorly-designed interface that will keep most users interested in the actual icons disinterested.

The app is very basic. Open it and you are presented with a list of 11 icons. The interface is messy so you'll need to skim through each of the buttons, some of which have typos and spelling errors. Tap any one of those buttons and a sidebar menu will appear showing you the different options you can add to your icon. Tap one and it appears onscreen. You can add textures, backgrounds, clip art, text, and images from your own photo library, but the quality of the finished icon is never quite high enough to warrant use for an actual app or Web site. Sharing works well enough, and you can send any of your creations directly to Facebook, which is an important feature for an app like this.

The trial restrictions are limiting to a certain degree, as well. You'll receive only a handful of options for your initial icons -- the rest require a paid upgrade. For those experimenting, this is fine, but if you want to create icons that can actually be used for your own apps or Web sites in the future, this is very limiting and makes it nearly impossible to create anything visually arresting. It's a good app, but has a few rough corners and not enough content in the free version.

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