Ocarina for iPhone 1.4.2 Review

Turn your iPhone into an Ocarina with your microphone.

Ocarina by Smule was first introduced very early to the App Store. It was a shining example of what apps could do and why the App Store, itself, was so exciting. Fast forward nearly five years and it is still one of the more innovative apps available and a heck of a lot of fun to play with, whether you're 8-years-old or 80.

The basic concept of Ocarina is very simple. Onscreen there are four glowing purple dots. Place your fingers over these dots and you simulate the holes on an Ocarina. Blow into the microphone at the bottom of your iPhone and you create a note. Move your fingers on the holes to change the note and play a song. The harder you blow, the louder the note; and the faster you move your fingers, the more responsive the instrument. In terms of iOS instrument apps, Ocarina remains one of the best in terms of interface and interaction. Over the years, Smule has added a record and share function, and you can still see who is playing around the globe and even listen in on their recordings if they are broadcasting.

Smule's Ocarina app for iPhone is a joy to play with. It's responsive, offers numerous options for sharing and composing songs, and demonstrates that a great app needs only a great idea, not dozens of unnecessary features. If you enjoy playing with musical instruments, composing songs, or simply showing off what your device can do, consider downloading Ocarina for iPhone today.

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