Loopy Fruit Tap 1.4 Review

Tap in the right order to unlock more of the song.

Loopy Fruit Tap is a unique game if nothing else. It takes a simple concept -- the "follow the leader" gameplay of a Simon Says tap-the-color app -- and turns it into a sort of rhythm game, complete with fun characters and decent music. There are some issues, including a poor tutorial and lack of clarity in some patterns, but the core gameplay is well designed and the resulting game is fun to play.

The upfront execution is easy in that there is only a single menu. The "How to Play" button provides only a basic overview of how the game works, but it isn't much more complicated than that. The game runs a loop of music and lights up one of three fruits on screen in a certain order. You need to copy the loop as the notes progress. Combining the feedback loop of a game like Simon Says with a rhythm meter is clever and works quite well, especially if you are musically inclined. The music playing does not always match up to the loop, which is distracting at times, but not overly.

Where Loopy Fruit Tap fails is in its ability to provide a clear direction in the early levels. Additionally, because there are limited patterns, the game doesn't increase in difficulty for some time, creating the risk that players get bored with it long before they reach the point of experiencing a significant challenge. That aside, it is a cleverly designed game with plenty of content to keep you coming back for more, long into the future. Once you get the hang of it, you'll have a lot of fun with it.

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