JukeBox Free 1.00 Review

Create quick and easy playlists with DRM-free music.

Jukebox Free is designed to provide a free and easy tool for creating playlists and running them on your iPhone without accessing the music app. It has limited features to do so, however, and because it doesn't interact with the Music app directly, there are issues with DRM that severely limit its usefulness.

The interface for Jukebox Free is easy to use. It opens with a blank screen and a play bar at the bottom. To add music, you press the + button in the top- left corner and it will go to your Music app and start pulling songs out. The problem, of course, is that any songs you have from Amazon, iTunes, or other DRM marketplaces won't work here. They are only licensed for use with the official apps for those marketplaces (and some others). This is not the fault of the app developer, but it severely limits what Jukebox can do. If you have your own music tracks or any DRM-free tracks that you've ripped to your computer, however, they will work. After you create a playlist, you can edit it, play it, or save it easily, but that is about all this app can do.

If you are looking for an easy-to-use, non-CPU-intensive app that will play music and allow you to easily create new playlists on your iPhone, Jukebox Free can get the job done, especially if your music is not downloaded from an online marketplace. However, for many users, the limited features, bare bones interface, and DRM restrictions imposed on third-party apps make it hard to recommend Jukebox Free.

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