iBowl for iPhone 7.0.8 Review

Bowl with your finger on your iPhone.

The iPhone is a perfect device for a wide range of games, bowling first and foremost among them. With a touch interface, realistic physics, and plenty of engaging features, a game like iBowl for iPhone is immediately addictive for many of its players. But with a handful of drawbacks, trial restrictions, and limited interaction beyond the core game, is it worth a download? Here is a closer look to help you decide.

The iBowl for iPhone app has been around for quite some time, so it has been refined several times over to work more or less flawlessly on newer devices. The interface is cluttered to start and there are too many reminders to upgrade, but the actual game plays smoothly. Feature-wise the game is everything you could expect from a free bowling app. Three lanes to choose from and limited upgrades notwithstanding, the actual bowling mechanics work very well and are quite entertaining on a touch screen. There are some issues with the touch mechanics when you're starting, but once you understand the basics of the game it works quite well.

Compared to many free games, the trial restrictions are not too glaring for iBowl, but the premium version of the game does contain some very important game components including physics upgrades and better interface tools. Nonetheless, for basic bowling and to kill some time on your phone, this is a solid, enjoyable, free app.

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