Hourglass Timer 1.0 Review

Keep time with an interactive hourglass on screen.

The idea of an hourglass timer is a good one. Consider for a moment how bland the average timer is for the iPhone. The built-in timer is pure function and very little style, and the other apps that try to replace it are not much better. So why not use an interactive hourglass to represent the passage of time? While the concept is sound, the execution in Hourglass Timer is largely ineffective.

Start the app, choose an amount of time, and press start. The hourglass will be flipped and the timer will count down. However, instead of actually keeping track of time, the hourglass is only an animation. It takes roughly 3.5 seconds for the sand to fall through the hourglass and the time is still displayed counting down. Additionally, the app has fewer features than most other timers, with limited alarm options and no stopwatch function. The fact that the hourglass does not actually serve to keep track of time, however, is the biggest issue, considering the promise of the app's name.

This app may be a good idea, but it lacks the sleek interface, functional hourglass, and supporting timekeeping tools needed to make it a must-have app. If you are eager to replace your built-in timekeeping app with something more creative or robust, there are other options on the App Store that will get the job done.

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