Eagle View Photo Capture 1.0.0 Review

Tag your photos with GPS coordinates in one of four colors.

The camera built into the iPhone is a powerful tool, but the software it comes with is fairly limited. Point and shoot -- simple enough. So there are plenty of apps on the App Store that provide additional tools and features that make it possible to get more out of your device. For those that need to tag their images with GPS coordinates, there is Eagle View Photo Capture, a new app that makes it very easy to do so.

The app is easy enough. There are four buttons on the bottom bar when you open the app: Camera, Save Image, Colors, and Photos. Use the camera button to take a photo and it will automatically be tagged with the GPS coordinates of your current location. Tap the colors button to change the color of those coordinates and then save the image. You can also open photos that you have previously taken, but cannot tag them with coordinates unless they have already been tagged by another app or your phone. While the GPS tagging works well, the camera interface is limited to in-app options, without any of the more advanced tools of Apple's camera.

Eagle View Photo Capture solves a single problem effectively by using the GPS capabilities of your phone and its camera to tag images. If you are traveling, geocaching, or need the coordinates for any other reason, having this app is recommended. It may not offer many features for casual users, but for those who need it, it works quite well.

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