Baby Brain Flash Cards Series 1 - Lite 1.0.0 Review

Review and watch flash cards in multiple modes for early learning.

The selection of flash cards and other education tools for infants and toddlers on the App Store is extremely large. There are thousands of apps that promise finely-tuned learning experiences for very young children, and for good reason -- the iPad and iPhone are perfect for this age group. But not all apps follow through on their promises. Baby Brain Flash Cards Series 1 manages to fall somewhere between both extremes, offering a wealth of options but a poorly-crafted interface and lack of direction that makes it hard to manage as a parent.

When you open the app you are given a selection of categories and you can choose either left brain or right brain. The difference between the two seems to be that the left brain slides are more thorough, showing the images for longer, saying their name in full, and adding sounds for each slide in some (but not all) cases. The right brain slides move quickly and the names are often cut off. While there is surely some science behind this approach, the effect is jarring and the actual slides will run continuously to the end with or without your input, making it hard to go back if you want to select something different.

Baby Brain Flash Cards Series 1 has many strong points. The ability to edit text and voice, choose two different delivery methods, and have access to all of its flash cards for free (no paid upgrades), are all good. However, with a buggy interface, inconsistent presentation of slides, and no way to control those slides once they have started, the app is not always user friendly, which makes it harder to recommend it.

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