Arcade Hoops Basketball Free 4.1 Review

Shoot to get the high score.

The touch screen interface of the iPad and iPhone makes the devices perfect for any game that asks you to flick, slide, or push something around the screen. From bowling and soccer to skee ball, there are dozens of extremely simple apps that are instantly addictive for this very reason, and Arcade Hoops Basketball is definitely one of them.

The premise of Arcade Hoops Basketball is very straightforward. Like an arcade game that gives you a minute to shoot as many baskets as you can, the app provides you with four balls that you can shoot however fast you want. Tap each ball and flick toward the basket. Get the angle and strength right and the ball will go in. Get as high of a score as you can in that limited time period to rank. Scores can be saved to the machine, sent to Facebook, or stored in Game Center where you can compete with other players. The game generally doesn't require much skill to play -- scores tend to be higher if you flick madly at the screen -- but it is still very engaging and entertaining to race the clock.

As a free game, Arcade Hoops Basketball has some restrictions. You only get one game mode and basket option to play for free, and there are ads that can be at times intrusive. We were regularly interrupted mid-session with a pop-up ad for another App Store game. However, for a free game that takes one minute to finish, Arcade Hoops Basketball is a very entertaining, engaging game and well worth a download.

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