Ace Queen HD 1.0 Review

Find the hidden objects in elaborate, romantic scenes.

Ace Queen HD is a simple game wrapped in an elaborate package. At first glance it's not immediately clear what type of game it is, but after spending a few minutes in just the first level, you will see that it is nothing more than a hidden object game. While there is nothing wrong with hidden object games, the execution is lacking in many ways, the story is non-existent, and the price point is unrealistically high.

The goal of the game is to compare two images of the same scene and find hidden objects on the right side that are not in the one on the left. This alone would be an interesting game mechanic, but when you start playing, you'll find things like soccer balls and snowmen hidden among the slopes of a castle on a mountainside. The lack of theme in the image difference, the unnecessarily small interface, and the dated non-retina graphics make the game harder than it needs to be and offer no reward beyond finding the hidden objects. Mechanically, the game doesn't work perfectly every time, either. Some taps will register while others won't, even when you can see a difference.

Hidden object and adventure games are perfectly suited for the App Store, but in its current state Ace Queen HD does not live up to the standards of either genre; and at a premium price point, it lacks the depth and performance to warrant a purchase.

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