Instawrite Lite 1.7 Review

Weed through clutter to create graphical texts.

Are you tired of boring, old text messages? Instawrite Lite gives you the tools to take your text messages and tweets up a few notches by letting you create graphical text messages; but the tools are wrapped in a poorly-designed package.

Instawrite Lite's user interface isn't light on clutter. The app's text design options are stacked on top of each other and each option resembles its design function, making for a manic, amateurish look. The buttons are teeny tiny, and on several occasions, we tapped the wrong button by accident and almost tapped on the banner ad in the middle of the screen because it blended in with all the other crazy colors. Still, we were able to create a customized text message by first selecting the background, and then selecting the text style and color. Scrolling with your finger reveals more options in each design row. We were then able to paste it into iMessage. We then made a customized message by snapping a picture, adding text, and then posting it to Twitter without any issues. The app also lets you post customizable messages to your Instagram account.

Instawrite Lite gets the job done, but it's not a pleasant app to use. It's worth a shot if you're just interested in getting the task done, but if you're a stickler for smart design, we recommend you look to another graphical text design app.

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