Draw and Paint Free with iPainter! 3.5 Review

Expect lots of pop-up and banner ads with this app.

There are some pretty cool drawing apps out there for kids. Draw and Paint Free with iPainter touts itself as a drawing app to keep kids occupied. While it does offer a blank canvas for kids to draw on, it also comes loaded with lots of inappropriate ads that kids can easily tap by accident.

We knew right away that Draw and Paint Free with iPainter wasn't kid-friendly when we were greeted with a pop-up ad for a Night Vision Pro app. And we were greeted with it every time we opened the app. That's strike one. The app does indeed provide a blank canvas for kids to draw on, but it also contains banner ads at the top and bottom of the screen that are constantly changing. We spotted one ad that was for a dating site. That's strike two. The app's settings are hidden behind a tiny icon that, at first glance, looks like an information menu. There, you can adjust the line width and line colors (red, green, and blue). As we were making our adjustments, we were once again greeted with the same pop-up ad, and more banner ads appeared at the bottom of the screen. That's strike three.

Draw and Paint Free with iPainter is certainly not a kid-friendly tool. But even as a regular drawing app for adults, the barrage of pop-ups and banner ads is just too much. We recommend that you skip this app.

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