Zoho Projects 1.0.3 Review

Access your project information and updates from anywhere via smartphone with Zoho Projects.

Those who are using Zoho, an online suite of office tools and applications, may be looking for a mobile app that lets them check their projects on the go. Zoho Projects is an application that is designed to enable the user to view projects online. While this program works quite well, its limited usefulness almost makes the app pointless.

While the installation goes smoothly, this application doesn't seem to offer many useful features. Users cannot change a meeting or edit a document. In fact, they can't change anything. Zoho Projects simply lets the user view a feed of information that is provided by Zoho. The user interface is very easy to navigate and features an incredibly intuitive design. Aside from the fact that users cannot edit any of the documents, they are also restricted in the amount of information they can view. For instance, a user can view the number of messages they have but they are not permitted to view the actual message content. Users can also see that they have an appointment but they are not able to see where the appointment is. Users are able to view a task list and the contents of documents, but neither can be edited.

For those looking for an application that will complement the Zoho online office suite, Zoho Projects doesn't seem to be a good choice. However, those who don't want to actually work on their project, and just want to view the big picture, should try it out.

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