PowerPoint Reader 1.05 Review

Check out PowerPoint presentations on your smartphone with PowerPoint Reader.

If your phone is your go-to business gadget, you absolutely need a way to view PowerPoint presentations. PowerPoint Reader lets you read them, but you won't be able to watch them as a slideshow. You can't make any edits or changes to them either.

Before you can actually read documents with PowerPoint Reader, the app has to convert them to PDF. That means you can't view the animated slideshow, transitions, or annotations. PDFs are usually larger than the original documents, as well. Make sure you have space on your phone before you convert. Annoyingly, the app drops ads not only in the file menu but also on top of your presentation. It even forces them in front of slides.

If you download a PowerPoint reader, the first rule should probably be that it works with the .ppt format. This app can't even do that. If you don't mind having a full copy of your presentation in a completely different format, this app is okay. Sadly, PowerPoint Reader won't fit many users' needs. The only thing it's good for is converting .ppt files to PDFs. Though that's no small feat, the app should be more focused on doing what it promises.

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