Pics2Flix Lite 1.0.31 Review

Make mini-movies out of photos on your Android gadget with PicsFlix Lite.

Creating an animated image seems like a lofty task if you're not already an expert. Sadly, mastering heavy-duty coding and photo editing skills would probably be easier than using this app. Pics2Flix Lite has a restrictive layout and is confusing to operate. The results it gives aren't worth the time it takes to figure things out, either.

This app compiles a folder of pictures into an animation. To find your photos, you have to search through your gadget's raw file menu instead of the standard gallery -- where most of your photos will be. Once you've selected your folder, you can't exclude certain pictures from the app or add a second folder. Pics2Flix Lite only outputs images in two resolutions, both of which are probably lower than the resolution of the photos, themselves. All of these options are achieved from the app's main menu, which is really tough on the eyes and looks like it was slapped together last minute.

All of this leads you to a video that looks just as piecemeal. If you're in dire straits and have to create an animated image on the fly, this app may work for you. It's more likely that Pics2Flix Lite will just frustrate and annoy you with its lack of performance, though.

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